Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

The dragon's treasure

Season 5, Episode 3

The Villains were deep in the cairn of Nythoggr and had just made away with a group of wraiths. The last obstacle was the linnorm himself. The sight of the old beast was truly terrifying, a giant serpentine dragon coiling around an obelisk of black obsidian. The linnorm pounced at the ninth as they entered his chamber and the fight started. The villains managed to slay the wyrm and claim its treasure. In the old dragons hoard they found what they were looking for, Thorn’s phylactery.

Before facing Thorn the ninth decided they would need more magical items to defeat the lich. They managed to find out who had stolen Chargammon’s hoard. A brine dragon named Bethizara. The villains travelled to Daveryn where they stole a ship. Using minions to sail the ship the ninth managed to find Bethizara’s lair, but not before the dragon found their ship. The villains managed to slay the dragon and loot it’s lair.




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