Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

The friend of my enemy

Season 5, Episode 1

The ninth knot had broken with their master and the hunt was on. If the knot were to kill Thorn they would need to find his phylactery and they would need to make the compact of thorns null and void. Not long after the fight with Tiadora, Dessiter appeared before the villains with a summons to meet his master, the pit fiend Naburus. The nessian knot met with Naburus on his demiplane where they pleaded their case. Naburus was impressed with their many accomplishments, and through a loophole made the compact of thorns null and void. He denounced Thorns title as high priest of Talingarde and passed it along to Vael Thiris. With this he gave the new high priest of Asmodeus a mission, kill Adrastus Thorn.

The villains were offered a small time for rest until they were contacted by Trik. He told them that someone had assassinated key-members of their organization and they should get to Matharyn at once. When they arrived in Matharyn however, they found themselves caught in an ambush by Trik and a handfull of devils. The ninth managed to turn the situation around and killed their would-be assassins. They killed Trik for his treachery and set Raiju (the only surviving liutenant) to lead the forsaken knot under them. The knot raised Grumblejack and Thomas as vampire spawns and continued their search for the phylactery.

Then they were contacted again. “Barnabus Thrane of Ghastenhall sends greetings. I know Sir Richard’s whereabouts and mission. I remain at the Great Library in Ghastenhall. Seek me there. Hurry.” The ninth knot were of course suspicious, having already been betrayed by a priest of Asmodeus, but they decided to meet with Barnabus still. Barnabus told that the Princess had hosted a secret meeting in the library and she was planning on raising an army to fight the Knot of Thorns and the horde of the Fire-axe. She had also sent sir Richard on a quest to travel to Chargammons lair and retrieve his hoard. The ninth travelled to Chargammons lair to kill the paladin and take the dragons treasure for themselves. The paladin had been a troublesome adversary before, but he was no match for the Nessian knot now. The hated paladin was finally gone, but the ninth weren’t totally successfull in their mission as Chargammons hoard was nowhere to be found, only signs of some aquatic creature taking it. The hoard would have to wait, the ninth had an organization to usurp.




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