Cardinal Adrastus Thorn [Deceased]

The previous high-priest of Asmodeus on Talingarde


Adrastus is a tall middle-aged man with a shaved head and a goatee. He can be seen wearing black priest robes with the holy symbol of Asmodeus and there is a runic “F” branded on his right arm.

His real form is that of a charred skeleton with eyes that burn with hatred.


There once was a woman known all over Talingarde for her beauty, Bronwyn of Balentyne. Samuel Havelyn would have given anything to be with the fair young maiden, but Bronwyn chose his brother instead. Samuel could not handle the rejection and turned to worshipping Asmodeus. Thanks to a diabolical ritual, Bronwyn died during childbirth. After that event, Samuel fully embraced the teachings of Asmodeus and devoted his life to the prince of darkness. Samuel was well on his way to becoming a cardinal prince of the Mitran faith untill the Inquisition found out about his heretical beliefs. Samuel was burned at the stake.

Samuel Havelyn died that day, but he was reborn thanks to the will of Asmodeus. Reborn into the lich, Cardinal Adrastus Thorn, last high priest of Asmodeus on the isle of Talingarde.

He was destroyed by the ninth knot.

Cardinal Adrastus Thorn [Deceased]

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