Draax Solbar

Badass Vampire Necromancer

  • Name: Draax Solbar of the Borderlands.
  • Nickname: Foul wolf
  • Age: 30 Years
  • Nationality: Talingarde
  • Hometown: Calron in the Borderlands
  • Talents/skills: Ambitious, greedy, deceitful
  • Relationship skills: Undecent.

Physical characteristics:

  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 80 Kg
  • Race: Half-elf
  • Build: Buff and thin
  • Hair: White, long, spikey, unkempt. Facial: Goatee.
  • Skin: Pale. Eyes: Elven. Ears: Elven.
  • Piercings: Brow and ears, spiky components.

Personal Traits:

  • Dresses: usually in nice clothes and wears a coat and hat if its cold. likes to bear the colors of red, white, black and green. sometimes even purple.
  • Hobbies: Alchemy, praying and sewing corpses togheter.
  • Habits: Laughing uncontrollably, Insinuates undecent things, compare others in norgorbers view and trickery.
  • Style:
  • Greatest flaw:
  • Best quality:
  • Crimes: Blasphemy, Heresy, Murder, Fraud, Kidnapping and Undecent Drinking.

Outwinded description
Tall, reaching 1.85 Meter into the air, elf like features and Half elf blood. Long pointy ears, dark eyes shimmering with illusive light. Inward scanted almond eyes, long furry brows and a straight pointy nose. Pronounced jaw and a strong build that could take on the most fiercest blows.

Reflective in thought, impulsive in feelings. Not to be trusted. Slick personality and a habit for trickery. Frequently solves problems with death or slavery. Any other advantagous solvings for own personal gain is fair play.


Raised In a small village of Calron near Talrik lake by the Borderlands. He lived a prosperous life with his kin. His mother elf Kayilin, Father human Baxter and his son, Draax’s half-brother human Kaldor. His mother was loving and taught him how to do chores, his father showed him how to handle tools and do work. His brother taught him how to lie and how fast what we love dies.

At age of 10 Draax had been woodchopping in the forest to keep warm in the winter that was pouring down snow. He had brought a big haul and was excited to show his parents how able their son was. When he reached the cabin he saw gaurds through the windows of his cabin. He stood there and watched.
There was a commotion inside father was protecting mother from the gaurds, trying to talk sense in to the gaurds. Well that’s how his body talked. Draax walks in, his father reaches for his pockets. The next moment he’s pierced through stomach to neck by a sharp sword. Mother retaliates and Draax is stunned. She is cut down and his brother too. The gaurds see Draax and flaunts their swords, Saying:" Kid, your coming with us!" Draax looks up, shaken by his senses. He makes prayer and points his arms towards the gaurds. “Make them scream like mother and father, and i shall convict myself onto thee.” The gaurds give eachother a look and shrugs. A cold wind blows from beneath their feets. The gaurds raises their swords and pierces poor Draax… Draax coughs his last breath. gazing at the gaurds as they are grasped by dark fleeting hands shredding their bodies. All goes dark.

Draax sits on the dark floor surrounded by mis and darkness. A shady presence approches. “Draax, was it? Not much worth are you…” Draax is hesitant in his response:“yes that’s me, of course I am. I can do much better.” Strolling the room, the presence shape is forever changing and the voice, just as much:“I will take your word for it, my name is Norgorber. I have many names, but this is what you will call me.” Draax gets frustrated and says:“Where am I, where are my parents!?” Norgober kneels right before Draax and gets real close to his face. From the darkness within the robe he’s wearing, words are heard:“They’re dead and i have sanctioned you in my domain. The real question is: Do you want to die with your parents? Or are you thirsty for the mysteries that the world has to offer, the spoils of war and the pleasures of the extraordinary? Draax fumbles saying:”I want to live, I wanna know what happened and i want my vengance!" Norgorber grin shines through his hood:“Then do my bidding, sign this pact in blood and I shall lead you the path to vengance and shroudedness.”

Draax became a cleric seeking his familys vengance, which he grasped a month later. Norgober gave him assignments and Draax grew to like the assignments. He traveled through all regions across the land. Walking through city streets, hiking the mountain peaks and sailing the oceans. The blood and tricks were his blanket and he clung to it like a baby. Never settling he spun his lies and sought power in what he could find. Learning to carry a big sword for fighting off foes when his magic had no power.

Once Draax made friends he almost always, used them.

Draax Solbar

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