Vael Thiris

A human* sorcerer with a lust for infernal power, and a grudge against Talingarde's throne.


Physical Traits

Name: Vael Thiris
Age: Physically 18, mentally 31
Race: Human*
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Build: Sleek. Not much muscle to speak of.
Wardrobe: When not out on a mission, he sticks to neat, semi-formal attire. Out in the field, he switches to sturdy and functional clothing. He prefers gloves and leather boots in both situations.
Other: He can call forth leathery bat-like wings from his back to grant him flight. His skin is marked by unnatural scars, and his hands appear to be blackened.


Nationality: Talingarde
Hometown: The Heartland
Family: Dead or exiled. A distant relative of the late Baron Arkov Vandemir.
People skills: Charismatic and silver-tongued. Knows how to get what he wants.


Traits: Ambitious, destructive, vengeful, manipulative, charming.
Skills: Persuasion, magical aptitude, knowledge of the arcane.
Interests: Reading, collecting trophies, extraplanar creatures, psychoactive cave fungus, nocturnal animals.
Habits: Passively keeping his clothes clean and well-kept with the help of magic, biting his thumb.
Favourite quote: The Victor won no war, only a battle.


Vael Thiris was one of the four original members of the Ninth Knot. A lowly nobleman distantly related to the deceased Baron Arkov Vandermir, he was shipped off to Branderscar Prison to pay for his plotting against the throne of Talingarde together with a number of co-conspirators, including Ugor Joltvir.

Vael used to be a half-elf. During the clashes between House Barca and House Darius, his great-grandfather left to die in combat under the Barcans’ banner. While Vael was only a child, his family was caught worshipping the forbidden god Asmodeus, and they were publically executed in the streets of Ghastenhall. Vael escaped, spending his adolescence in seclusion and poverty all the way up in Farholde. He grew to resent the Darians, and vowed to bring down the king.

During the Ninth’s excursion to The Horn of Abbadon, Vael was mortally injured by a dwarven adventurer in the caves under the Horn. He was reincarnated by the Knot’s dragon shaman, Theon Ebonfur. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, he came back to life as a young adult human. This proved to be a golden opportunity. With his new body, he could drag is corpse straight to the guards in Farholde and claim the bounty, thus creating a prefect cover for himself. He could now walk freely around the common folk without the aid of the concealing circlets provided by Adrastus Thorn.

After Thorn’s betrayal, Vael was appointed the new High Priest of Asmodeus by the same pit fiend that had granted Thorn the same title. The Knot’s actions throughout the land of Talingarde was proof enough of his devotion to the Dark Lord, making him a fitting candidate to bear the title.

Vael Thiris

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