Tiadora's veil

This appears to be a fine silk veil of gossamer cloth. Only as it is held and closely inspected can you see small cloth patches of various shapes.


One patch can be detached each round
as a move action. Detaching a patch causes it to become an
actual item. This veil contains:

  • 2 daggers
  • Bullseye lantern (full, lit and shuttered)
  • Hempen rope (50-foot coil)
  • Sack full of needed spell components (worth less than a 1 gp)
    and common clothes in the PCs sizes
  • Thieves Tools, Masterwork
  • Window (2 ft. by 4 ft., up to 2 ft. deep)
  • Potion of cure light wounds
  • 100 gold pieces
  • Unholy Symbol of Asmodeus (silver)

This enchanted veil was given to the forsaken by the mysterious visitor, Tiadora

Tiadora's veil

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