Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

Death of a king
Season 4, Episode 6

The ninth knot had assumed their position in the Adarium and the king would die by their hands in one day. Meanwhile Ugor was sneaking around looking for the king’s hidden sanctum. In the Adarium, Ugor found the council room of the king. On a long table in the room he discovered notes and plans about the current war. Ugor learned three things from this:

  1. The king was aware of the existance of the knot of thorns, although he knew nothing of Cardinal Thorn, nor did he have any evidence of this. One note from an inquisitor said that he knew the location of a powerfull Asmodean artifact. “The Devil’s Heart” hidden in the lair of the cairn linnorm Nythoggr.
  2. Richard Havelyn was in the king’s council and had supplied the king with information about the villains.
  3. Vastenus Barca is the general Talingarde, and a close friend of the king despite his Barcan heritage.
    After discovering this info, Ugor infiltrated the king’s private chamber. In the private shrine of the king, he found the Liber Darian, the history and family tree of house Darius. With but a stroke of a pen anyone could write their name in the book and be next in line for the throne (in case of the untimely death of the king and the princess).

While looking around the shrine, Ugor dicovered the secret trapdoor leading to the king’s sanctum. Unfortunately for him he was not alone. Brigit of the Brijidine, the powerfull azata high lady Dessiter had charged the knot with slaying, was waiting for him. It was only thanks to some magical items that Ugor managed to lead Brigit to the rest of the knot and kill her.

After the Azata lady was killed, Felix got the Liber Darian from Ugor and found a very interesting paragraph in it. The whereabouts of the last piece of the runeblade, Helbrand. The last part was built inside the royal throne. Felix reclaimed the missing piece and Helbrand whispered promises of greatness in his ear “Together we shall carve our name in blood upon the pages of history”.

After having found the sanctum and making some adjustments to the Liber Darian, the knot waited. After having rested and prepared they all went silently into the sanctum. There they assumed their positions and waited for the kings arrival. Suddenly the ground shook and they knew that Chargammon had kept his promise. Chargammon had arrived at the Adarium, and with him he had brought nothing but death. Suddenly in the sanctum a great light filled the room and after all these years, the forsaken finally stood face to face with the leader of the nation who had burned them, King Markadian V called the brave. The king had arrived with his trusted bodyguards to protect his daughter, but all their magic and martial prowessed only delayed the inevitable. Felix Warwick plunged his sword into the kings stomach and watched the life fade from his eyes “long live the king!”.


Infiltrating the Adarium
Season 4, Episode 5

Eiramanthus was dead and his island now belonged to the ninth knot. All that was left was to populate the island with their own minions and discover its secrets. After doing some research in the islands library, the knot discovered that the island could be moved and shaped to it’s owners will. Felix also found a compilation of books that if researched could advance technology in Talingarde by a hundred years. Their new lair had to wait however, the nessian knot a dragon to meet.

The villains beheaded Eiramanthus and took his head with them to Chargammon the black. Chargammon was pleased se his long time enemy dead. He agreed to help the knot with their mission, in one months time he would fly to the Adarium and eat the princess Bellinda. Chargammon also charged his son, Jeratheon with serving the nessian knot for one hundred years.

And so one month went by.

The villains went to the capital, Matharyn. On the day before the attack the villains infiltrated the Adarium and posed as servants. In order to find the kings hidden sanctum, the villains split up to find it faster. Unfortunately for Ugor, this left him alone with an angel that was guarding the Adarium, Ara Mathra’s brother Ara Zandra. Ugor had to get away from the angel and started running. He was chased down to the first floor where he met Vael. With some help from Draax, Ugor managed to slay the angel and turned him to dust (Effectively deleting all evidence that the angel was ever there). Because of the guards that had been killed in the crossfire, the villains had to assume the roles of the guards. And Ugor had to search the castle for the sanctum alone.


Season 4, Episode 4

The villains went upstairs to the upper floor of the pagoda. The second and third floor told the story of a cruel warrior godess who was redeemed by a dragon. The very same warrior godess they met on the fourth floor. The knot had a grand battle with the giant ogress and managed to slay her. After having killed Eiramanthus’ second consort, the knot continued exploring the island and were ambushed by six gargoyles made of crystal with four arms each.

After having slayed the gargoyles and having spent all their magic, the knot decided to rest until they had regained their strength. The next day they found a beatiful garden with a great cherry blossom tree in the middle. The villains walked towards the three but was stopped by a woman made of wood an cherry blossoms, the dragons third consort. The woman fought the knot, but she was quickly killed before she could do any real damage.
The knot explored the rest of the island before entering the domed building at the center of the island (Clearly the hiding place of the dragon).

Inside the building they found a giant chessboard covering the floor with giant chess pieces ready for use. There was no apparent way to proceed, this was clearly a puzzle. Using the poem they found carved on the outside door, the knot managed to solve the puzzle and head further into the lair of Eiramanthus. Down one floor they found a great library filled with the knowledga of a thousand worlds and a very exentric alien searching through the archives. The library and alien would have to wait until they had dealt with the dragon.

On the final floor they came face to face with their target, the great dragon, Eiramanthus the traveller. The dragon proved to be the greatest challenge the Knot had faced, but when all seemed like it was lost, Vael managed to slay the dragon with his magic. The dragon was finally dead and his hoard was ripe for taking.

After claiming the dragon’s treasure, the knot was once again visited by Dessiter. This time he cam with a warning of treachery. The nessian knot’s master Cardinal Thorn would betray them when their mission was done. The knot would have to kill Thorn before he could kill them. Easier said then done because of the Compact of Thorns. Dessiter also revealed that the cardinal was a lich and to kill him they would have to find his Phylactery and destroy it.


The Dragon's errand
Season 4, Episode 3

The Ninth knot flew directly to Straya Avarna to kill Eiramanthus the Traveller and recieve Chargammon’s aid. After flying for a couple of hours, the villains found Straya Avarna. The island was made of crystals and housed all sorts of alien creatures. The villains decided it would be better to kill the inhabitants of the island one at a time instead of facing them all at once with the dragon. They landed their hippogryphs on some piers sticking out of the island. Suddenly a creature with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a killer whale approached them. Surely one of Eiramanthus’ three consorts. The knot could not bluff her for long and she attacked them. They had a hard time fighting the lady, since Draax could not enter the island and Ugor was occupied elsewhere, but after the death of Theon and Vael, Felix managed to kill the consort.

After dealing getting Draax to the island and ressurecting Theon and Vael, the knot started exploring. On the island the villains found a pagoda, 4 stories high with wind chimes that filled the island with beautiful music and lined with artwork of heroes fighting terrible animal-faced demons. Inside the pagoda the knot encountered the caretakers of the island, a group of crystalline oreads. The villains attacked the oreads with fire and blades, and killed every single one of them. Then hey went upstairs.


Season 4, Episode 2

The Villains teleported to Ghastenhall to meet up with the recently undead Draax (Ugor led their minions to Matharyn). They told Draax of the mission Thorn had given them, Kill the king. First they would need to convince Chargammon the Black to eat the princess Bellinda in order to lure the king to the Adarium. It took the knot three days to reach Chargammon’s domain (They had to travel during night because of Draax’s vampirism). The Ninth fought through all of the great wyrms defenses to get to his cave. There they encountered the dragon. He was enormous and had scales like the blackest night. After some complications the villains managed to get Chargammon to help them. Not for free of course. Chargammon tasked them with two things before he would kill the princess. First, they had to free his son, Jeratheon Knightsbane from the Lord of Eagles. Second, they had to slay Chargammons enemy, Eiramanthus the copper dragon.

The Ninth hurried to Ghastenhall in order to locate information on where the Aerie of the Stormborn king was located. They found what they were looking for after a day in the library of Ghaster. The Aerie was located somwhere in the Ansgarian mountains next to the Caer Bryr. The villains flew to their destination and assumed disguises before entering the court of the Stormborn kings. Felix managed to fool the Lord of Eagles into believing that he was sent by Eiramanthus to bring Jeratheon to his island. The Ninth were allowed to take Jeratheon out of the cave, but they had to be escorted by three of the eagle lord’s courtiers. The Ninth took Jeratheon to a clearing in the Caer Bryr, where they killed the eagles. After Jeratheon was free he flew straight to his sire. The Ninth decided to rest before they travelled to Eiramanthus’ island, Straya Avarna.


The Sack of Daveryn
Season 4, Episode 1

The Ninth had burned the Vale of Valtaerna and Ara Mathra lay slain in it’s ruins. After escaping the king’s army that had amassed outside the gates of Valtaerna, the villains travelled to Ghastenhall to reconvene.

In Ghastenhall, Felix and Draax met with Gaius Vestromo and returned his family heirloom, which had been stolen from him and brought to the Vale. The ancient vampire thanked them by biting them and giving them the gift of undeath. Their transformation into vampires would be gradual. The next day, Draax was found dead by the others. They discovered that he was turning into a vampire and set some people to guard him while he was “sleeping”.

The Ninth did not dwindle and they took what remained of their organization to Daveryn to join it with the horde of the Fire-axe. When they reached Daveryn they saw that it was already taken and the bugbear horde was pillaging it’s ruins. The Ninth met with Sakkarot in the duke’s palace to have a private meeting with him. The villains told Sakkarot of the army of Markadian, an army 5 times greater then the horde of Sakkarot. Sakkarot told the Ninth that he had received no further orders on how to defeat this great host and he was deeply worried. Because of his frustration he revealed his story and the full details of his mission to the Nessian knot.

When Sakkarot met Thorn he was an outcast, he had been banished from his tribe and branded across the chest with the cut from a shaman’s obsidian blade. Thorn had healed the dying bugbear and recruited him into the knot of thorns. Sakkarot had been gifted an axe of fire and an iron circlet that made him wise. With these gifts from Thorn he was to amass a great army of monsters to march on Talingarde. What was not known however was that after destroying the armies of the king, the great horde would lose to an army from the mainland, an army fighting under the banner of Asmodeus.

After their audience with the Fire-axe, the Ninth took up residence and joined in the great sack of Daveryn. During their month-long stay they managed to bolster the numbers of their organization and they captured the duke of Daveryn. They delivered the duke to the Fire-axe to have him tortured for information. They saved a Barcan noblewoman from Daveryn. They learned some information about dragons and that the lord of all eagles had captured Jeratheon Knightsbane, the son of the great wyrm Chargammon the black.

After their one month of “recreation” the Ninth were visited upon by Tiadora, with her she had nine fiendish angels. She gave them their new and final mission for Cardinal Thorn. They were to assassinate the king of Talingarde, Markadian V called the brave. The king was however protected day and night by his army and the only way to get him away from his host was through his daughter, the princess Bellinda. The king had left his daughter in Matharyn, safe in the royal holdings, the Adarium. He had an amulet that would let him know if she was in danger and would enable him to teleport to the Adarium should anything threaten his beloved daughter. But there was only one thing dangerous enough that it would make the great king Markadian leave the side of his army. The great wyrm, Chargammon the black.

After the king was dead their work would finally be done and Talingarde would be theirs.


Tears of the Blessed
Season 3, Episode 9

After emptying the vault of the Order of St. Macarius, the Ninth went deeper into the lower levels of the cathedral. It did not take long until they encountered a group of holy warriors who had camped in one of the chambers, they posed no challenge to the Ninth and were exterminated in less then 6 seconds. After that little distraction the Ninth travelled on. They encountered many trials and traps before reaching the library of St. Macarius.

In the library, Earnan MacCathlain, the Lord-Abbot, was waiting for them. His magic made him appear as big as an ogre and just as menacing. despite his powerfull magics and fighting prowess, he could not stand against the combined might of the Ninth knot and he was killed.
In the library the Ninth found many answers to their questions. The found the journal of St. Angelo, an old tome filled with star charts and last but not least the secret behind the three flames of Mitra.

The Flames had the power to grant any with a pure heart the power to cast divine magic. It was also the source of almost all divine magic in Talingarde. With this information the Ninth would not fail in their task.

The journal of St. Angelo told of a vault in the cathedral where the saint had put powerfull evil artifacts that could not be destroyed. It also revealed that in order to enter the vault unmolested one had simply to speak the password, four names, The First (Suchandra the Phoenix), The Teacher (Ara Mathra), The Founder (Saint Macarius) and The Maker (Saint Angelo).

In the vault the villains found many trinkets of Asmodeus, but they also found three artifacts, a Stygian Mirror holding two bone devils, the Chalice of Aerius Vestromo, and the blade of a magical bastard sword called Helbrand. As Felix held the sword it whispered to him “Remake me”. The two bone devils in the mirror swore that they would serve the knot for seven years in return that they would be freed from the mirror. After emptying the vault the only thing that remained for the knot was to pierce the wall of flame and slay Ara Mathra.

Using the remains of St. Macarius (Which they found in the library), they extinguished the flame wall and stepped into the Holiest of Holies. There they saw Ara Mathra, with wings of gold, waiting for them, at last they were face to face with their enemy. The Angel did not hesitate and sent forth holy flames to burn the knot. the knot burst forth and unleashed everything they had at him, but the angel was more powerfull than anything they had faced before. the battle with the angel was intense, but thanks to superior tactics the Ninth managed to outwit Ara Mathra and kill him. As he lay dying on the cathedral floor he said “It is the son who will bring your doom”, and with that the angel died and the last flame of Mitra was extinguished. The Knot had destroyed the Order of St. Macarius down to the last man.

Their time of rest did not last long however as an army of 20000 men led by the king was camped outside. And next to the king stood none other then Richard Havelyn, the paladin that had tried to stop the Ninth at the Horn of Abbadon. The Ninth had no choice but to leave their army behind and fly to Ghastenhall. And when the king’s army breached the walls of Valtaerna all they found was death.


The Cathedral of Mitra Made Manifest
Season 3, Episode 8

The Ninth entered the Cathedral of Mitra Made Manifest. Inside they were greeted by more celestials wishing to stope them. While fighting the celestials an azata emissary, garbed in white, entered the fray. The Ninth had to go through much trouble to finally bring her down. they discovered that the emissary worked for an Azata noble named Bridgit of the Brigidine.

The Cathedral was one of the great wonders of this world, carved out of marble and decorated everywhere with carvings of angels and holy men. And right in front of them there was a wall of holy fire blocking their entrance to the Holiest of Holies.

The Ninth explored the upper level of the Cathedral and after a while they found Earnan MacCathlain’s journal. There they discovered that the Lord-Abboth was performing some ritual in the basement and that Ara Mathra was behind the wall of flame. They also found out that the only thing that could pierce the flame was the touch of a saint, Luckily for them, the remains of Saint Macarius was somewhere in the cathedral.

After resting, the Ninth headed down into the lower level of the Cathedral. There they found chambers where the order had laid their dead to rest. After disturbing one of the tombs, they were assaulted by ghost martyrs. The Ninth however managed to fight off the ghosts. While exploring the lower level, they encountered a small child dressed in white. The child instantly transformed into an angel with six wings and a flaming sword. She barraged the Ninth with her strikes and her powerfull spells, but it was to no avail and like so many others, she was slain. Behind the dead angel the villains found the orders treasure vault and there was much rejoicing. Then they carried on in order to find the Lord-Abbot and the remains of St. Macarius.


The Gardens of Serenity
Season 3, Episode 7

After defeating the Leonal in the great hall, the Ninth traveled into the labyrinth in the center of the gardens of serenity. they figured that flying over the labyrinth would do no good, so they started walking. After a while a wisp appeared before them and gave them a riddle “Say it’s name and it dies”. The Ninth found out the answer was silence. After answering the riddle the wisp led the knot to a forest in the middle of the labyrinth. In the forest the Ninth encountered a giant blink dog and his pack. They battled the hounds for quite some time before they slew the leader and carried on, further into the labyrinth.

After traveling for an hour, another wisp appeared to give a new riddle “One to whom the mirror never lies”, the answer was the blind. The wisp did as the first one and led the villains to their next destination, a field of forever spring. In the field they found a herd of grazing kirins from the far east. Knowing the kirin would be worth a lot of gold, the ninth tried their best to capture them, but they only managed to kill one. While Theon skinned the kirin the others rested before they all ventured further.

After another hour of travelling, the knot were met by a third wisp “A wick’ed thing from which the darkness flies” the answer was a candle. After the third riddle was answered the wisp said “The three together where the answer lies”. The Ninth deduced that in order to get to the end of the maze they would need to be blindfolded, be silent and hold a candle while walking. After MANY hours they figured out how to do it correctly and reached the end, but their troubles were far from over.

At the end of the labyrinth they were met by two of the greatest heroes on the island of Talingarde, The Master of Serenity and The Oracle of Mitra. The heroes were protecting the second flame of Mitra. The Ninth killed the two heroes and extinguished the flame. The sky turned the darkest crimson and the earth trembled from the great evil that had been done.

Their only thing that remained was Ara Mathra himself.


Death from the sky
Season 3, Episode 6

After Felix Warwick died, the rest of the Ninth gathered his remains and put it on an altar, where Draax used his unholy magic to breath life into Felix once more. Not even Storm giants would be able to defeat the Nessian knot it would seem.

After spending one day to recuperate, the knot mounted their hippogriffs and flew towards the Gardens of Serenity, to reach the Cathedral of Mitra Made Manifest and slay Ara Mathra, the immortal leader of the Order of Saint Macarius. While in the air however they saw a group of survivors running for the watchtower to escape the hell that was Sanctum. After dealing with them they discovered that the ragtag band was led by a con-artist who had convinced the rest he was a nobleman from Farholde. Despite begging for his life, the Ninth stayed true to their mission and dropped him from 500 feet to his death.

After that small detour the Ninth flew for the Gardens if Serenity. The Gardens was a massive labyrinth extending into the mountainside. Vael did not find it wise to fly over after having detected an immense magical aura from the maze. The entrance to the labyrinth was a great feasting hall lying next to a great white stone block acting as a dock. When they got close to the docks however, they were attacked by Archons wielding flaming weaponry. This wasn’t enough the stop the Ninth and they killed the archons and headed inside the great hall. Once inside the massive structure, a lion-like humanoid, an agathion, jumped down from the roof and shouted a holy word so powerfull it blinded everyone. The Ninth fought with all their might to defeat the Agathion, and once they got their vision back they charged the celestial and struck her dead. Now they just had the maze in front of them, then Ara Mathra would finally meet his doom.



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