Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

Prison break
Season 1, Episode 1

The Forsaken started in Branderscar prison. In the cell were 4 figures. Felix Warwick in for fraud, Theon Ebonfur for slavery, Ugor Joltvir for desertion and Vael Thiris for high treason. In three days they would get their respective punishments. But a woman named Tiadora had other plans for them. She posed as Ugor’s loved one and gave him a handkerchief and told him to hide it from the guards. She then told him to escape with the rest of the inmates and find a manor near the old moor road.

Back with the group Ugor shares Tiadora’s plans and shows the group the hankerchief he recieved from her. It turns out it has magical values with a couple of things hidden inside of it. One of these were a lockpick which let Ugor (after numerous tries) get them out. Free from their chains they shared the area with an ogre named Grumblejack who they asked for help to escape the prison.

After taking out the first couple of guards the group sneak down to the first floor of the prison and heads into the office of Sergeant Tomas Blackerly. Since they hear heavy breathing from the next room they conclude with that he’s sleeping and sends Ugor in to eliminate him silently. The mission is a success and the group creates a window from Tiadora’s magical gift. They head out the window and into the Warden’s tower.

The group head up the tower and finds Warden Mathias Richter wide awake at his desk. Battle ensues and even though Felix felt like taking a nap in the middle of combat (claims it was a spell) the Forsaken was victorious but left The Warden alive (though they did kill his pet owl which totally wasn’t a parrot).

Into the Knot of Thorns
Season 1, Episode 2

After escaping Branderscar, the Forsaken found their way to the manor and met their benefactor. There they joined his organization to get their revenge on Talingarde.

The Nine Lessons
Season 1, Episode 3

After meeting Cardinal Thorn, the Forsaken took his nine tests to deem if they were worthy. After completing the test and training under Thorn for three months they were awarded the title of The Nessian Knot (The Ninth Knot). Then they set out on their mission, to bring war to the Island of Talingarde

To the north
Season 1, Episode 4

The Ninth boarded the Frosthamar in order to travel beyond the watch wall and deliver weapons to Sakkarot Fire-axe and his savage horde of bugbears. After three perilous weeks they arrived at their destination.

Tying up loose ends
Season 1, Episode 5

The Ninth met the Fire-axe and delivered the munitions. After arriving at the shores of lake Tarik they burned the Frosthamar and killed it’s captain and crew to erase any evidence that they had ever traveled to the bugbear camp.
They then infiltrated the town of Aldencross and started planning how to sabotage Balentyne.

The Poisonous Plot
Season 1, Episode 6

The Ninth started gathering information on Balentyne and it’s inhabitents to better come up with a plan to prepared it for the bugbear invasion. They managed to buy some poison from the alchemist in Aldencross where they managed to sneak into the tower and poison the guards.
They also managed to find out about an affair one of the captains had with another captains wife. This resulted in a duel which managed to remove two captains in one stroke.

A feast for crows
Season 1, Episode 7 (part one)

The Ninth met up with a new member of their knot and continued their scheming. The next night they traveled into the rookery of the watchtower and killed all the messenger ravens. They were however discovered and had to fight their way out, killing a captain in the process.
The next night they were suprised by guards in the hidden tunnel. They retreated to the inn, but were met by captain Varning and a squad. They fought their way out of Aldencross and the last captain of Balentyne lay dead at their feet.


The heart of all flame
Season 1, Episode 7 (part two)

The Ninth set up camp outside Aldencross and started plotting how to kill the commander of Balentyne, Thomas Havelyn. The next day they ambushed a patrol and posed as them to get into the tower. When night fell they let in the rest of the group and headed for the keep. In the keep they encountered Tacitus, the magister of Aldencross and pyromaniac wizard extraordinaire. After a hard battle they killed the mad wizard and his ice golem. Now all that is left is the commander.


Balentyne burning
Season 1, Episode 8

After meeting up with Ugor, the Ninth headed up to the commanders office to finish him off. They were suprised to find the commander waiting for them with the chaplain of Balentyne, Father Donnagin. The Ninth had the hardest battle of their life, but through much tribulation, they managed to kill Havelyn and Donnagin.

They then proceded to travel around the tower and destroy siege equipment. After destroying the last catapult they fired the signal rocket in the air and the bugbear horde started marching towards Balentyne. They arrived within the hour. Without anyone to lead them the soldiers on the watchtower were easy game for the shaggy monstrosities who swarmed in to the tower and mercilessly killed everyone. And with that Balentyne was reduced to rubble and the Fire-axe’s horde had reached the Borderlands.


The Tears of Achlys
Season 2, Episode 1

The Ninth had successfully burned Balentyne, but their quest was far from done. Their next mission would take them to the westernmost colony of Talingarde, Farholde. The boat ride from Aldencross to Farholde took twelve days were at the end they would meet with their master once more. Cardinal Thorn Instructed the ninth to find the Horn of Abbadon, a hidden temple in the Caer-bryr dedicated to Apollyon, the horseman of pestilence. There they would summon the Daemon-prince, Vetra-Kali-Eats-The-Eyes and aquire his greatest gift, the Tears of Achlys.

After arriving in Farholde the Ninth were introduced to Arkov Vandermir, Baron of Farholde and distant relative to Vael. He set them up with a safe-place and would help them as best he could during their stay in Farholde. All that remained was to find the horn and bring back the daemons gift.



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