Tag: Ghastenhall


  • Barnabus Thrane

    Barnabus Thrane is a scholar at the Library of Ghaster and a veteran of the [[Mitra | mitran]] faith. He is secretly an [[Asmodeus | asmodean]] priest and leader of [[The Fifth Knot - The Stygian Knot | the fifth knot]]

  • Hadrian Ghaster

    Hadrian is the descendant of the first lord of Ghastenhall. He is often refered to as the mad duke because of his eccentric ways. It is rumored that he walks around the castle at night in nothing but his crown. He rebelled against king Felix and is …

  • Prince Gaius Vestromo

    Prince Gaius is a vampire and [[Ghastenhall | Ghastenhall's]] very own boogeyman, nearly as old as the city itself. "you better behave, or prince Gaius will get you" is a common saying in Ghastenhall. The nobility of Ghastenhall either doesn't believe in …

  • Mister Martigan Vex [Deceased]

    Martigan vex is the owner of the Golden Palace, the biggest den of vice in [[Ghastenhall | Ghastenhall]] and all of [[Talingarde | Talingarde]]. He was murdered by [[:felix-warwick | Felix]] for his impudence.

  • Thomas Farn

    Thomas was was a student at the academy of [[Ghastenhall | Ghastenhall]], the greates place of learning in all of [[Talingarde | Talingarde]]. Thomas had found the academy lacking however. The limitations, by the church, put on what was allowed to …