All Hell bends to his will,
all devils do his whim, all
souls fear his gaze; he is
the Prince of Darkness,
and his time is nigh.

Portfolios God of tyranny, slavery, pride, and contracts
Alignment LE
Domains Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, Trickery
Favored Weapon Mace

Some say that when the world was forged, Asmodeus wrote the contract of creation, agreed to by the gods. His faithful believe that this contract holds the key to their lord’s final victory, ushering in a new age under his infernal reign. He believes in strict discipline, unwavering obedience, and the strong ruling the weak. He loves the art of negotiation and delights in deals that appear fair but actually give one party a disparate advantage. The Prince of Darkness expects and appreciates flattery, though he recognizes it for what it is. Frequently shown as a red-skinned humanoid with black horns, hooves, and a pale aura of flames, Asmodeus often appears as a foil in art depicting good deities. In his temples, such roles are reversed, with the Prince of Darkness standing tall as the other deities bow before him.

Asmodeus is eloquent, tactful, patient, and incredibly brilliant. When crossed he is wrathful, terrifying, and destructive, though these periods are always brief and he quickly resumes his normal demeanor. He believes that without order there would be nothing but seething chaos, that the strong must dominate the weak for the protection of all, and that one’s word is a binding contract with consequences should it be broken. He opposes freedoms if they interfere with the process of governing and thinks humility is a burden only the weak must bear.

Asmodeus has little interest in subtle encouragement outside the bounds of a contract, as he feels excess rewards undermine the need to specify exactly what is desired in any agreement. During the rare times he makes a positive intervention, it is usually by emphasizing secondary rewards or allowing primary rewards to open up new opportunities. When angered or disappointed in a worshiper, he does not hesitate to cause contractual punishments to take their full effect.

Once the people of Talingarde worshipped a great pantheon of deities deemed worthy of respect. That pantheon included Asmodeus. Asmodeus was not necessarily loved, but he was rightly feared and respected. The new royalty, the House of Darius, are devout worshippers of the sun god Mitra, arch-enemy of Asmodeus. They have elevated the Shining Lord to the head of the pantheon. Further, their regime has outlawed the worship of Asmodeus and purged the cults of the Prince of Devils from their island.


Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken Madsing