Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

3-2-1 FIGHT!!

Season 2, Episode 8

In this episode we join our villains in Farholde as they are searching for a rivalling band of orphans called Thatchers crew, this band of renegade orphans are disrupting the peace of mind of our “heroes”. after some talking to the headmaster of the orphanage they found out that they tended to stay somewhere in Drownington (Farholdes self-proclaimed shanty-town, and boy did it smell like it too). The Forsaken decided to go to the only building with a solid foundation the Drownington Manor (which turned out to be the local tavern, brothel and fight club).

While Vael was asking around for thatchers whereabouts, Felix decided he’d earn some coin, so he entered in a knife fight and paid a gold in entry fee (though the entry fee really was 5 copper he couldn’t be bothered with it) Draax saw this as a golden opportunity to earn some more coin on betting on Felix so he went ahead and bet 1 silver coin with a shifty looking guy (Draax as the numbnut he can be, paid the man upfront).
Ugor started a drinking contest and found himself in the bottom of a tankard very quickly, Vael on the other hand found out that a couple of guys in a corner of the tavern wearing purple bandanna were the guys they were looking for, he told Theon and then went looking for the rest of the group (however he misheard and wondered why people would wear purple bananas).
Meanwhile Felix had won his fight and was nearly scammed for his gold but the fightmaster turned out to be quite the softy, Draax on the other hand wasn’t so lucky, he had to come running to Felix for help with getting his coin back, and this resulted in a massive barfight that lasted for so long that selfproclaimed Lord Drownington had to yell and scream and threaten to kill everyone to make them calm down. However the guys they had come looking for had gone amidst the fighting.

They returned the next day and within five minutes of arriving Ugor was shitface drunk and was speaking to his tankard. Vael approached Thatcher and his boys and tried to negotiate, and Ugor decided to come help a bit, but was abruptly carried away by an irritated Felix and knocked unconscious by the door with Theon, the negotiations went to shit and it resulted in another barfight. They had to wait yet another day to try and find them, but this time they weren’t at the tavern. After some asking around they were shown the location of their hideout where Felix smashed in their door and proceeded to systematically kill everyone with the help of one of Draax’s summons to block the exit.

Our “heroes” promptly left for the horn and the next day in their meeting room, where Felix is conveying his master plan for wrecking havoc to the Abbey of St. Cynthia-Celeste. which consists of Ugor sneaking in with oil and set the place to the torch. Right before he got to the good part he was interrupted by an alarm-horn bellowing through the first floor. Draax, Theon and Vael rushed to the first floor, only to find a bunch of dust instead of Necrocrafts.
Ugor had one hell of a hangover and took things a bit slow, so he was in no kind of rush to get anywhere, Felix however went to get his armour on the second floor where he was greeted by a greenclad gnome and his three friends. He presented themselves as the Banner Verdant (consisting of a gnome, a dwarf, a ranger and a druid), Felix however swapped floors as quickly as he had arrived and notified the rest of their location and returned to the green gnome and pretended he was under a charm spell. After a swift combat engagement the dwarf had managed to chop down Ugor and jab a spear into Felix’s neck, but not before Felix destroyed his axe and the gnome paralyzed Felix. It looked grim for the three spellcasters for a moment, but then, Grumblejack bursts into the room and swiftly cutting down the archer, making sure Vael could focus on casting spells on the raging dwarf in front of him and the gnome some distance away. the dwarf and druid was quickly cut down and after a short gaze from Theon the gnome fell.

On his person was a journal describing how his days had gone by in Farholde, and it revealed a horrifying truth Elise Zadaria had betrayed them. Vael, Draax and Felix quickly contacted Tiadora and by showing her the book they got Cardinal Adrastus Thorns blessing in disposing of the treacherous Knot Hibernal and they were granted two fiendish angels to aid in the task.

The Forsaken decided to lay in wait and lure out The Knot Hibernal to the horn, with Theon as an ever watchful lookout. He eventually discovered them 500 meters away from the horn as Trak drank a potion of invisibility. He quickly returned to the horn warning them about an invisible Trak and flew back out to keep watch over the rest of The Knot Hibernal. Felix and Vael hid everyone up on the third floor and lay in wait in the meditation room. Eventually they heard the sound of someone using the teleporter and started swinging at the sound as a disembodied voice said Yah they all followed and quickly cut down Trak. Then everyone went outside and were led to Elise Zadaria by Theon in bird form. They took them by surprise and cut down Dostan and Elise.Trik became very conflicted with himself for a short moment then proceeding to kill of Elise laying on the ground. (that man was never the same from then on)

Some time later our villains find themselves in Farholde again, this time to set fire to the Abbey of St. Cynthia-Celeste’s secret library, however the plan needed some alterations to work properly (apparently nuns won’t let men inside their abbey, who would’ve thought) and not only was it Ugor that had to go in, Theon and Vael had to come too, all disguised as girls. The y managed to sneak in and the very same night Ugor snuck into the library picking up some books and a very impressive glaive and proceeded to douse everything in oil, lighting it and sneaking back into his room without anyone noticing. Panick ensued and our three brave “heroes” managed to escape 300 battlenuns without being noticed in the chaos.

Some weeks later they got some disturbing news from Trik, who told them that a silver dragon had attacked Arkov Vandermir’s manor and eaten the good Baron. Vael was a little upset about these news, but quickly got in a better mood when he got his hands on Vandermir’s magical robes.

Good things never last very long however and some time later a messenger came with a letter saying that some Knights of the Alerion were heading for the horn led by Lord Valin Darianhimself (who am I kidding this was a great thing, the last sacrifice coming to them).
They applied the usual lookout and waited, but not for too long they arrived shortly after searching the first floor and proceeded to the second floor where they avoided an arrow trap, one made it across both traps, two of them however fell down the pit trap just beyond the first trap. Ugor decided to push the knight down the pit, however the armour was a bit heavier than he initially thought so he fumbled the push, Felix showed up in the nick of time pushing the knight down the pit. Now they all had to hurry to the first floor where Lord Valin had hurried off to break out his friends. Lord Valin was promptly cut off in the corridors and fighting broke out. there were a lot of metal clanging and pillars of fire and smoke erupted everywhere, and Ugor under the effects of a haste spell managed to run over 300ft over a very short duration (running around a couple of rooms to block their path to the prison) catching one of the knights off guard. At last only two remained, one of the knights ran off to get reinforcments as his friend was brutally cut down. He didn’t get far as Grumblejack blocked the corridor and split the knight in half with his brand new glaive.

Success they had the last sacrifice in their possession.
Nothing could possibly go wrong now….


Nice, burde kanskje legga t at stakkar Vandemir blei åten av ein drage btw.

3-2-1 FIGHT!!

glømte det, når var det han blei ett av dragen?

3-2-1 FIGHT!!

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