Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

Death from the sky

Season 3, Episode 6

After Felix Warwick died, the rest of the Ninth gathered his remains and put it on an altar, where Draax used his unholy magic to breath life into Felix once more. Not even Storm giants would be able to defeat the Nessian knot it would seem.

After spending one day to recuperate, the knot mounted their hippogriffs and flew towards the Gardens of Serenity, to reach the Cathedral of Mitra Made Manifest and slay Ara Mathra, the immortal leader of the Order of Saint Macarius. While in the air however they saw a group of survivors running for the watchtower to escape the hell that was Sanctum. After dealing with them they discovered that the ragtag band was led by a con-artist who had convinced the rest he was a nobleman from Farholde. Despite begging for his life, the Ninth stayed true to their mission and dropped him from 500 feet to his death.

After that small detour the Ninth flew for the Gardens if Serenity. The Gardens was a massive labyrinth extending into the mountainside. Vael did not find it wise to fly over after having detected an immense magical aura from the maze. The entrance to the labyrinth was a great feasting hall lying next to a great white stone block acting as a dock. When they got close to the docks however, they were attacked by Archons wielding flaming weaponry. This wasn’t enough the stop the Ninth and they killed the archons and headed inside the great hall. Once inside the massive structure, a lion-like humanoid, an agathion, jumped down from the roof and shouted a holy word so powerfull it blinded everyone. The Ninth fought with all their might to defeat the Agathion, and once they got their vision back they charged the celestial and struck her dead. Now they just had the maze in front of them, then Ara Mathra would finally meet his doom.




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