Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

Infiltrating the Adarium

Season 4, Episode 5

Eiramanthus was dead and his island now belonged to the ninth knot. All that was left was to populate the island with their own minions and discover its secrets. After doing some research in the islands library, the knot discovered that the island could be moved and shaped to it’s owners will. Felix also found a compilation of books that if researched could advance technology in Talingarde by a hundred years. Their new lair had to wait however, the nessian knot a dragon to meet.

The villains beheaded Eiramanthus and took his head with them to Chargammon the black. Chargammon was pleased se his long time enemy dead. He agreed to help the knot with their mission, in one months time he would fly to the Adarium and eat the princess Bellinda. Chargammon also charged his son, Jeratheon with serving the nessian knot for one hundred years.

And so one month went by.

The villains went to the capital, Matharyn. On the day before the attack the villains infiltrated the Adarium and posed as servants. In order to find the kings hidden sanctum, the villains split up to find it faster. Unfortunately for Ugor, this left him alone with an angel that was guarding the Adarium, Ara Mathra’s brother Ara Zandra. Ugor had to get away from the angel and started running. He was chased down to the first floor where he met Vael. With some help from Draax, Ugor managed to slay the angel and turned him to dust (Effectively deleting all evidence that the angel was ever there). Because of the guards that had been killed in the crossfire, the villains had to assume the roles of the guards. And Ugor had to search the castle for the sanctum alone.




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