Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

The cairn of the striker in the darkness

Season 5, Episode 2

The villains were done with Chargammons lair and returned to Ghastenhall. They met with Thrane once again with proof that Vael Thiris was now high priest of Asmodeus, not Adrastus Thorn. The ninth had been lucky and found a map amongst sir Richards following, detailing the location of Thorns phylactery. The map showed the location of an ancient cairn in the frozen north, the lair of Nythoggr. The knot travelled to the cairn and started exploring.

The cairn was filled with all sorts of dangers, ranging from Ropers to Banshees. The ninth had to use plenty of resources, including reincarnating Ugor, but they felt that the phylactery was close at hand. They just had to kill a linnorm first.




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