Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

The death of Adrastus Thorn

Season 5, Episode 4

After destroying Thorn’s phylactery, the ninth travelled north to Thorn’s hidden sanctuary, the Agathium. Inside the Agathium they encountered a group of frost giants led by the frost giant king. The Villains made short process with them and started exploring the upper levels of the Agathium. There they met the frost giant queen, Ellisif. She told the ninth everything she knew about the Agathium in exchange for a position in the Talirean council. In the lower levels, the villains encountered Grigori Sherkov, the mastermind behind many of the Knot of thorn’s magical items. Grigori was fed up with Thorn and he told the Ninth where they could find Thorn’s hidden chamber. The villains defeated the rest of Thorn’s guardians and found their way to his chamber. In their last meeting, Thorn revealed his true form of a burned skeleton. After an epic battle, the villains managed to defeat Thorn and reduce him to dust.

Now nothing could stand in the way the villains and the throne.




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