Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

The Gardens of Serenity

Season 3, Episode 7

After defeating the Leonal in the great hall, the Ninth traveled into the labyrinth in the center of the gardens of serenity. they figured that flying over the labyrinth would do no good, so they started walking. After a while a wisp appeared before them and gave them a riddle “Say it’s name and it dies”. The Ninth found out the answer was silence. After answering the riddle the wisp led the knot to a forest in the middle of the labyrinth. In the forest the Ninth encountered a giant blink dog and his pack. They battled the hounds for quite some time before they slew the leader and carried on, further into the labyrinth.

After traveling for an hour, another wisp appeared to give a new riddle “One to whom the mirror never lies”, the answer was the blind. The wisp did as the first one and led the villains to their next destination, a field of forever spring. In the field they found a herd of grazing kirins from the far east. Knowing the kirin would be worth a lot of gold, the ninth tried their best to capture them, but they only managed to kill one. While Theon skinned the kirin the others rested before they all ventured further.

After another hour of travelling, the knot were met by a third wisp “A wick’ed thing from which the darkness flies” the answer was a candle. After the third riddle was answered the wisp said “The three together where the answer lies”. The Ninth deduced that in order to get to the end of the maze they would need to be blindfolded, be silent and hold a candle while walking. After MANY hours they figured out how to do it correctly and reached the end, but their troubles were far from over.

At the end of the labyrinth they were met by two of the greatest heroes on the island of Talingarde, The Master of Serenity and The Oracle of Mitra. The heroes were protecting the second flame of Mitra. The Ninth killed the two heroes and extinguished the flame. The sky turned the darkest crimson and the earth trembled from the great evil that had been done.

Their only thing that remained was Ara Mathra himself.




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