Felix Warwick

Self-appointed leader of the Forsaken Knot


Name: Felix Warwick
Age: 25
Nationality: Talingarde
Hometown: Daveryn
Talents/skills: Strong, brave, quick witted, charismatic
Relationship skills: Very good with people

Physical characteristics:
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 80 Kg
Race: Human

Distinguishing features:
How does he/she dress: When not in his full plate armour he dresses rather nicely.
Habits: Check up on hair, wink, stretch.
Health: good physique.
Hobbies: none
Style: A little fancy
Greatest flaw: Hungry for power
Best quality: Charismatic
Favourite saying: Take what you want, keep what you deserve.

Wields: He wields the broken bastard sword helbrand, switching between wielding it with both hands or having a shield in his left hand.
Armor: A black full-plate with a star of Asmodeus printed on the chest.


Felix was one of the original members of the Ninth knot.

He was killed in the Vale of Valtearna during and ambush by a storm giant but was brought back to life by Draax Solbar

After returning angel blood to Prince Gaius Vestromo he was offered the gift of undeath which he reluctantly accepted. He is now almost completely undead and a full fledged vampire.

After his group took care of the dragon Eiramanthus the Traveller (whom got to kill Felix once [Revived by Draax ]before falling dead to Vael Thiris) Felix found some interesting blueprints which after some studies he realized would jet Talingarde’s technology level at least 100 years forward. He now plans to make good use of these plans for his own gain.

Felix Warwick

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