Lord Thomas Havelyn [Deceased]

Commander of Balentyne and Lord of Aldencross


Thomas Havelyn wasn’t always such a dour man. He was once young and in love with his childhood friend, Bronwyn of Balentyne. Bronwyn returned his love and they got married, but alas their marriage lasted to short. Thomas had a younger brother, Samuel, who also was in love with Bronwyn. After feeling betrayed from his beloved Bronwyn and his father who laughed at him when he requested him to make Thomas leave her alone, he used black magic to kill their father and Bronwyn in childbirth. Samuel was later outed as an Asmodean priest and was burned at the stake for it.

Thomas was devastated after his family was destroyed and left his son in care of the clergy while he left for the watchwall where he rose to the seat of commander.

Lord Thomas Havelyn [Deceased]

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