The Paladin, Richard Thomasson Havelyn [Deceased]

The son of Thomas Havelyn and Knight of the Alerion


Richard is the son of Thomas Havelyn and Bronwyn of Balentyne. Because his mother died during childbirth and Thomas left for the watchwall, Richard was sent to Matharyn to be raised by the church.

At adulthood Richard was knighted for capturing an ogre that was harassing the Heartlands. During his travels Richard got the sad news that his father had died when the bugbear horde had managed to break Balentyne, Richard traveled to the ruins of Balentyne where he met three other family members of the men of Balentyne. Thinking that the bugbears could not possibly have broken the wall without inside help, Richard and his new companions formed the Sons of Balentyne and traveled westward, following a trail of chaos appearing along the river.

The Paladin, Richard Thomasson Havelyn [Deceased]

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