Theon Ebonfur

Dragon Shaman of The Ninth


Name: Theon Ebonfur
Age: 21
Nationality: Mwangi
Hometown: Osibu
Talents/skills: Acrobatic, Wise and Perceptive
Relationship skills: Prefers what humans call animals than humans

Physical characteristics:
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 45 Kg
Race: Vanara

Distinguishing features:
How does he/she dress? If not wearing leather scalemail, he wears fine clothing or shorts.
Habits: Picking up and throwing stones with his tail.
Health: Nimble and healthy
Hobbies: Recently developed a fondness of throwing tiny rocks into new ponds and puddles he sees
Style: Tribal clothing
Greatest flaw: Talking to people usually ends up with him being punched
Best quality: Wise
Favourite saying: I don’t approve of those actions.

Wields: Switching between his Scythe, Quarterstaff and sling.
Favourite Spells: Heat metal, Burning Disarm, Entangle, Call lightning and buff spells
All of his spells have mistlike black smoke with a green tint and draconic likeness preceeding the spell, and fire spells have green flames. Spells that gives buffs surrounds the applicant in the smoke and gives the wearer a shadowy and smoky dragon likeness, however the smoke is very thin and is percieved as dark grey with a tint of green


Hailing from the city of Osibu in the Screaming Jungle south of the Mwangi Expanse, comes Theon Ebonfur. At a young age he always got into trouble because of his mischief, until one day he was approached by a strange man and brought to a congregation of hooded figures. Apparently his latest gag had caused the mayor to seek help from the druids to help with his mischievous demeanour. A part of that was to undergo the druidic training and become a druid.
Now Theon had become a wanderer and a protector of nature and its denizens. As he was walking by the Lake of Vanished Armies he came across a ravaged area, almost like several armies had fought each other, except there were no bodies to find anywhere and no weapons or armor of any kind, only crushed vegetation, toppled trees and some sort of damage to the trees he’d never seen before, it was like the trees themselves had just died standing there, however the smell of blood was heavy in the swamp.

To be Continued…..

Right now:

As he walked around trying to figure out what had transpired in this area he had deduced that no natural force had destroyed the area. In addition to the smell of blood, another more sour smell lingered in the air, he couldn’t quite identify it either. Amidst all the rubble and trampled ground he was able to see a single clear footprint. The footprint of a very large lizard, but not quite a lizard, it was unlike any prints he had ever seen a lizard make.
A bit further away he found some trampled plants, these looked more like something big ran right through, that and the bloodstained leaves was enough for Theon to realize that a wounded creature had escaped through there. He decided to follow, but not too close since nothing is as dangerous as a wounded animal.

As he walked through the swampy parts of the jungle he found some black scales near a toppled tree, he picked them up and brought them with him thinking he could sell them later. He kept folloing the trail a bit further when he saw a long scaly black tail.

Again To Be Continued…….

Theon Ebonfur

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