Ugor Joltvir

Half-orc Rouge/Assassin


Age: 27
Height: …..
Weight: …..
Hair color: …..
Eye color: …..

More info (and empty spots), will be added later.


  1. Kukri
  2. Sap
  3. ………

The story about Ugor Joltvir:

Ugor Joltvir, was once the Lieutenant of a squad, in Talingarde military. At a mission he got, he was supposed to attack a small bugbear camp. But Ugor was sick and tired of the military, and needed a way to get out of it. So instead of planning and leading the squad the safe and secure way in. He instead, lead them into a trap by themselves (then dying), and then ran off.
Everyone thought they all died in combat (even Ugor Joltvir ), but he was the only one who didn’t.

Later on, Ugor Joltvir met Vael Thiris with his little squad. He then joined them, on their mission to kill the king of Talingarde ( King Markadian V called the Brave ). Long story short… They both got caught. Ugor Joltvir for deserting, and Vael Thiris for trying to kill the king of Talingarde.

….. Adding more to the story later …..

Fun facts about Ugor Joltvir:

- He loves to drink, and is basically drunk all the time.
- Even tho he might be the smartest guy in the group, he acts like he’s stupid.
- He also loves to kill people, or things… or just anything actually.

…. Adding more info later ….

Ugor Joltvir

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