Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

Call Forth Darkness

Season 2, Episode 4

The sanctum of Vetra-Kali was found and all the ninth needed was to find the first sacrifice. The Ninth decided that they could not do this alone and started recruiting minions for their organization, the Forsaken Knot. with their newly acuired henchmen they started renovating the horn into a proper defensible lair, they were going to stay there for over 200 days after all.

To properly cooperate with the seventh knot who would be staying in Farholde and keeping adventurers away from the horn, the Ninth had to show them where the horn was located. Theon was tasked with escorting Trak through the jungle. Before reaching the horn they were ambushed by a Lillend who seeked retribution for her slain friend, Jurak the treant. Theon however managed to fight off a mind-controled Trak long enough for the Lillends control to dissapear. The Lillend however got away and swore she would get her revenge.

After the necessary preparations they traveled to Farholde to find the first sacrifice. Thanks to Ezra Thrice-damned and baron Vandermir they knew exactly who to kidnap. They took the poor unsuspecting peasant in the night and carried him to the horn. The next day after discovering Grumblejack’s deamonic ancestry they carried the peasant to the sanctum and started the preperations for the ritual. Everything was ready and Ugor recited the first prayer and cut out the mans heart as the ritual said. After the first sacrifice the ground started to tremble and the sky blackened as the horn started glowing and a big green beacon erupted into the sky. Keeping the horn a secret from now on was impossible.

It did not take long before the Ninth got news of a local adventuring group led by a former soldier, Hallack Amon. The Ninth prepared for combat and when the daventuring group entered the lower caverns beneath the horn they were surrounded by minions on all sides. Feeling confident, Felix challenged them to a battle while the underlings would only observe, if they won they would be free to go. The battle went well until Vael’s overconfidence turned out to be his weakness and he was slain by a dwarf wielding a large warhammer. The Ninth dealt with Hallack’s crew and made plans for how they would bring back Vael later.




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