Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

Five Days to Darkness

Season 2, Episode 9

The ninth only had a couple of weeks left until the final sacrifice and the conclusion of their long mission. Before the final weeks the horn was beset by will’o’wisps and a gorgimera, they were dealt with accordingly. After the beasts were slain, a month of peace and quiet came. There was no monsters that leaped into the horn, no ghosts rising to kill them and no pesky adventurers seeking to rid the horn of evil. It seemed like everything was finally going our villains way. That was until the last week and it was only five more days untill their goal.

On the first day of the last week, after the midnight ritual, the horn started trembling and it fell to pieces. Everywhere walls and roofs were caving in and sections of the temple fell down into the jungle. It was a miracle that the horn still stood at the end of the ordeal. For the next three days, the villains had to protect the sanctum from all sorts of creatures, ranging from a pack of planar horrors to an angel, and last but not least the silver dragon, Argossarian the silver. none of them could defeat the ninth however, and even as their minions died and fled in terror of the things that were happening, the ninth still stood.

It was at the last day that the villains would face their greatest foe yet, more adventurers. A band calling themselves the Sons of Balentyne, led by the son Richard the Paladin, son of the commander of Balentyne, and relatives of the men who had died at the watchtower. A fearsome battle ensued, and it was clear that Richard was as dangerous as he was righteous. With his mighty sword he managed to kill not only Felix but Ugor as well. However mere dying is not enough the stop the Nessian knot. Thanks to infernal magic and villanous luck, the pair survived and Felix retaliated against the knight and almost got to kill him before the son’s wizad used some secret way to work around the anti-teleport field in the horn and sent the paladin away.

The son’s were dealt with and all that remained was to make the last sacrifice and call forth Vetra-Kali. The sacrifice was a wicke and gruesome thing, as Valin Darian’s heart was still beating in Draax’ hand, the statue erupted and out of it the Deamon prince came forth. they had finally done it, they had brought forth the Deamon prince.

For the first eye Vetra-Kali made a promise not to hurt the ninth. For the second eye he gave away the tears of Achlys. Now the ninth only had to give away the third eye to be granted anything in the deamons power. Their wish, that Vetra-Kali leave and never return to the mortal plane ever. The Deacon of Pestilence was furious, as he ate the last eye and a portal from abbadon started sucking him up, he cursed the ninth and promised that he would get his revenge. With that the horn started trembling and the ninth managed to get out before the horn crumbled to bits. Their mission was done, but there was no time to rest as Tiadora came with their new mission, they had to travel at once to Ghastenhall.




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