Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

Prison break

Season 1, Episode 1

The Forsaken started in Branderscar prison. In the cell were 4 figures. Felix Warwick in for fraud, Theon Ebonfur for slavery, Ugor Joltvir for desertion and Vael Thiris for high treason. In three days they would get their respective punishments. But a woman named Tiadora had other plans for them. She posed as Ugor’s loved one and gave him a handkerchief and told him to hide it from the guards. She then told him to escape with the rest of the inmates and find a manor near the old moor road.

Back with the group Ugor shares Tiadora’s plans and shows the group the hankerchief he recieved from her. It turns out it has magical values with a couple of things hidden inside of it. One of these were a lockpick which let Ugor (after numerous tries) get them out. Free from their chains they shared the area with an ogre named Grumblejack who they asked for help to escape the prison.

After taking out the first couple of guards the group sneak down to the first floor of the prison and heads into the office of Sergeant Tomas Blackerly. Since they hear heavy breathing from the next room they conclude with that he’s sleeping and sends Ugor in to eliminate him silently. The mission is a success and the group creates a window from Tiadora’s magical gift. They head out the window and into the Warden’s tower.

The group head up the tower and finds Warden Mathias Richter wide awake at his desk. Battle ensues and even though Felix felt like taking a nap in the middle of combat (claims it was a spell) the Forsaken was victorious but left The Warden alive (though they did kill his pet owl which totally wasn’t a parrot).



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