Way of the Wicked: Revenge of the Forsaken

Raiders of the lost eyes

Season 2, Episode 6

After performing the blasphemous rituals, they learned from the mural hall, the Ninth installed traps and set up guard patrols in the horn. Everything was relatively calm until a minions corpse was found hidden away in an unused room. It was believed that a shapeshifter had killed the minion to take his place. The Ninth used the better part of the week before the shapeshifter slipped up and the Ninth chased him into the forest. There they discovered that the shapeshifter was a Moon dog and there were actually two of them. the dogs cast an enchantment on Vael and Felix making them flee from the battle. The Knot still managed to kill the dogs and make the horn safe once more.

Later Vael and Felix were invited to Arkov Vandermir’s 105th birthday ball, where they managed to talk to some very influential people and establish some connections with their organization.

Back in the horn the group decided they needed better traps to ward of intruders. In order to make a poisoned pit trap Draax traveled to the city of Brass, greatest bazaar in the multiverse. Due to a slight miscalculation when plane shifting, he ended up 300 miles of course and had to wait at least three days before he could return, meaning he would not be able to aid in defending the horn from the next set of adventurers who would attack the very next day.

At the beginning of the week the White ravens had reported a group called Traya’s raiders were heading for the horn. They were to open to attack in town, so the Ninth had to deal with them. Luckily for them the raiders walked right into one of their traps and then right into the next one. the raiders were at a disadvantage and died one by one until only the leader remained. She was questioned before she was killed and the ritual continued unhampered.




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