Organization Events

Every month roll a d20 for organizational events. This roll cannot be rerolled by executing a minion.

1: Disquiet in the ranks. Make a Loyalty Check.
Success: Lose an action next week
Failure: Desertions. All Scores -1.
Natural 1: Assassination Attempt. The Game Master puts together a level appropriate encounter based around the fact that your minions want you dead.
Natural 20: No penalties

2-6: No Events

7: Capable Leadership. Gain a bonus action next week.

8: Times are Hard. Your minions have suffered more losses than usual. Can they endure this time of trials? Make a Survivability Check.
Success: They endure. No effect.
Failure: Survivability -1.
Natural 1: Survivability -2 and Loyalty -2.
Natural 20: …but they’d follow you into hell. Survivability +1 and Loyalty +1.

9: Revealed! You are being hunted. Can they find your organization before its too late? Roll a Secrecy Check.
Success: You are everywhere and nowhere. No effect.
Failure: The enemy are closer to the truth than you’d like. Secrecy -1.
Natural 1: Survivability -2 and Secrecy -2.
Natural 20: The tables turn and the hunters are the hunted. Secrecy +1 and Ruthless +1.

10: Recruitment Opportunity. Can you ever have enough minions? Make a Survivability Check.
Success: Your ranks grow. Survivability +1.
Failure/Natural 1: No effect.
Natural 20: Rapid growth. Survivability +2.

11: Rumors and Whispers. -1 to Loyalty.

12: Your Organization is a Shadow. +1 to Secrecy.

13: Infilitration Opportunity. You have a chance to get an agent amongst your enemies. Are you sneaky enough take advantage of it? Make an Espionage Check (DC 20).
Success: You have got an agent in their ranks. Espionage +1.
Failure: The spy is caught and executed. Survivability -1.
Natural 1: The spy is caught and talks! Secrecy -1 and Survivability -1.
Natural 20: You get a trusted spy in their midsts. Secrecy +1 and Espionage +2.

14: Talkative Minion. -1 to Secrecy.

15: You Give Them So Much. +1 to Loyalty.

16: The Cause Grows. +1 to Survivability.

17: Turf War. Other criminal organizations try to take your turf. Can you defend what’s yours? Make a Ruthless Check (DC 20).
Success: You defend it well. Ruthless +1.
Failure: You lose ground. Ruthless -1.
Natural 1: Your organization receives a thrashing. Ruthless -1 and Survivability -1.
Natural 20: Those who dared challenge you are now your minions. Ruthless +1 and Survivability +1.

18: Unneccessary Squabbles. -1 to Survivability.

19: A Caper. This job could make you rich if you can pull it off. Make a Connections check (DC 20).
Success: Level*1d6*100 gp. Connections +1.
Failure: Bridges are burned. Connections -1.
Natural 1: A massive blunder. Connections -1and Secrecy -1.
Natural 20: Masterfully done. Success plus Secrecy +1.

20: Rare Opportunity. You have a chance to really expand your power base. Make an Action Check of your choice (target number 15).
Success: Opportunity Seized! +1 to the score of your choice.
Failure/Natural 1: Opportunity missed. No effect.
Natural 20: Success beyond your wildest dreams! +1 to all scores.

Organization Events

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